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Hochstetler Grain

2018 North South All Star Game coming to South Bend

Fairfield Churubusco Wrestling Meet results

2017 Golf Awards

Penn Mishawaka Wrestling Results

Football Sectional Championship Games

 2018 Bankers Classic

2017  Elkhart County Hall of Fame Info

IHSWCA Team State Duals

Fairfield Girls Basketball Results

Northridge Girls Basketball results vs SB Washington

Elkhart Central vs Penn b/g Swimming

Elkhart Central vs Penn b/g Swimming

Warsaw Boys Basketball Results

Northridge vs Angola GBB Results

Northridge vs Fairfield GBB Results

Northridge vs Chesterton Swimming

Northridge vs Concord Swimming Results

Northridge vs Penn Swimming Results

Cross County  Results

NIC Soccer Boys All Conference

New Prairie XC  Invite Results

Elkhart Regional XC Girls Results

Elkhart Regional XC Boys Results

NIC Soccer Girls All Conference

NIC Tennis All Conference

NLC Girls  Conference Results

NLC Boys Conference Results

NLC Tennis Conference Results

Fall Sports Results

8/7 Results

8/9/2017 Results

Plymouth Golf Results

Plymouth Golf Results

New Level New 8/14/17

New Level News 8/15/17 AM

New Level News 8/15/2017 PM

New Level News 8/16/2017

New Level News 8/17/2017

Huntington North XC Invite Results

NIC Stomp   XC

New Level News 8/19/2017

Laf Jefferson Golf Results

NIC Stomp 1

NIC Stomp 2

NIC Stomp 2a

NIC Stomp 3

NIC Stomp 4

Stomp 5

NIC Stomp summery girls

Rochester Girls Golf Invite Results

8/21 Results

8/22 Results

New Level News 8/24

New Level News 8/23

New Level News 8/26

New Level News 8/28

New Level News 8/29

New Level News 8/30

New Level News 8/30

Sept 1 Football Scores

Sept 2 Scores

Culver Golf Results

Sept 6 Scoreboard

Sept 7 Scoreboard

Sept 8  football scores

Fairfield Niles Football Results

Pat Ford Golf Invite

Northridge Plymouth Football Results

County Clash Boys Results

County Clash Girls Results

NLC Golf Results

Tipp Valley XC Results

Sept 12 Results

Sept 15 Results

Sept 18 Results

Sept 19 Results

Sept 21 Results

Sept 25 Results

Sept 26 Results

Oct 2 Results

Oct 4 Results

12/27 Results

12/28 Results

Wawasee Northridge Swimming

Wawasee Northridge Swimming Scores

Fairfield Garrett Basketball Results

Northridge FW South Results

Lake Central Northridge Bankers Classic Results

Northridge Elkhart Central Swimming Results

NLC Girls Swimming Results

Northwood Northridge GBB Results

Girls NIC Scoring Swimming

Girls NIC Results Swimming

Garrett Wrestling Invite Results


November 12th Results

November 12 Results MP3

November 13 Results

November 13 Results MP3

November  4 Results  MP3

November 4 Results

November 7 Results

November 7 Results Auto

November 10 Results

November 11 Results

November 14 Results

November 16 Results

November 17 Results

December 3 Results

Goshen/Plymouth Northridge Swimming Results Scores

Goshen/Plymouth Northridge Swimming Results

12/6  Results

12/6b  Results

12/7 Results

12/8 Basketball Results

12/10 Results

Wawasee Relays Swimming Scores

Wawasee Invite Swimming Results

Northridge vs Angola Boys Basketball

Homestead Swimming Invite Results

Wawasee Northridge Girls Basketball Results

Concord Northridge Girls basketball Results

Fairfield Lakeland BBB Results

Fairfield Lakeland GBB Results

Warsaw Goshen Swimming Results

South Bend Adams Swimming Results

Northridge Chesterton Swimming

Northridge Concord Swimming Results

Northridge Penn Results Swimming

SB Adams vs Mishawaka Swimming

Dec 12 Results

Dec 13 Results

Plymouth Warsaw Swimming Results

December 16 Results

Penn SB St Joe Swimming Results

Dec 20  Results

Northridge Northwood Swimming

FW Carroll Wrestling Invite

NECC Super Dual

John McKee Memorial Invitational at Rochester High School

Fairfield East Noble Boys Basketball Results

Goshen Elkhart Central Boys Basketball Summery

Northridge Wawasee Swimming Scores

Northridge Wawasee Swimming Results

Warsaw Westview Boys Basketball Results

12/29 Results

Elkhart Memorial Wrestling Results at Al Smith Wrestling Invite

12/31 Results

Plymouth Elkhart Memorial Wrestling

Goshen Plymouth Wrestling

Plymouth Results at New Prarie Wrestling Invite

Elkhart Memorial vs Northwood Wrestling

Northridge Warsaw Girls Basketball Results

Northridge Andrean Bankers Classic Results

Northridge Portage Bankers Classic Results

New Level News 2018

New Level News 1/14


Wrestling Results

Jimtown vs John Glenn

Jimtown Super Dual

Wawasee  Results

Goshen Results at Plymouth Super Dual

Plymouth Results at Plymouth Super Dual

Garrett Results at NECC Super Dual

Elkhart Central vs Northridge Dual

Goshen vs Elkhart Memorial Dual

Fort Wayne  Snider vs Garrett

Wawasee vs Goshen

Garrett vs Churubusco

Plymouth vs Warsaw

Northridge vs Warsaw

Elkhart Central vs Elkhart Memorial

Goshen vs Northwood

John Glenn vs Mishawaka Marian

John Glenn vs Culver Academies

Penn vs Mishawaka

Wawasee Super Dual Results

Elkhart Memorial vs Adams Central

Elkhart Memorial vs SB Washington

Maconaquah  vs Elkhart Memorial

Leo vs Elkhart Memorial

FW Wayne vs Elkhart Memorial

Elkhart Memorial Results at New Haven Super Dual

Henry Wilk Classic at Penn High School

Volleyball All State Team

Northridge Goshen Girls Basketball Results

Northridge FW Snider Girls Basketball

Fairfield Northwood Girls Basketball

Fairfield Hamilton Boys Basketball

Fairfield Jimtown Boys Basketball

Fairfield Lakeland Girls Basketball

Fairfield Prarie Heights Boys Basketball

Fairfield Prarie Heights Girls Basketball

Lakeland Fairfield Boys Basketball

12/21 Results

IHSWCA Team State Duals

Fremont Wrestling Results at Eastern Invit

Mishawaka Al Smith Invite

Mishawaka Penn Wrestling Match

Whitko Wrestling Invite

Elkhart Central Results at Mishawaka Al Smith Invite

New Prarie vs SB Washington Wrestling Meet

South Bend Washington Super Dual

Garrett Results at West Noble Super Dual

Garrett vs Eastside Wrestling